ADH-Smart lock

Should You Switch to Smart Locks?

In a world that is focused on new digital trends and technological feats, it’s no wonder that, even when it comes to home security, we’ve figured out how to obsolesce traditional locks and replace them with feature-driven smart locks. However,

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ADH-mortise locks

Facts You Need To Know About Mortise Locks

Statistics show that home invasion and burglary are alarmingly common in America, happening every 16 and 26 seconds. Statistics also show that the vast majority of burglaries occur through easily accessible entry points such as an open or unlocked external

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ADH-door closer

Door Closer 101: Everything You Need to Know

Door closers are typically found in commercial buildings but can also be installed in residential properties. The best door closers generally decrease energy costs by ensuring that doors are always kept closed. This is particularly important in extreme climates where

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