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Increase the overall value of your home and office by investing in top-quality barn door hardware.

Barn doors are becoming more and more popular these days. It comes as no surprise since these doors offer lots of great benefits both from an aesthetic and practical standpoint. They have the ability to transform a building layout and improve flow, efficiency, and storage space.

These unique doors also help increase the overall value of properties. They easily match any home interior décor and add a sense of sophistication to any space. With barn doors in high demand nowadays, you have lots of options to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of modernism or country living, they’re sure to add character to your space.

At Alpine Door Hardware, we offer a vast array of barn door hardware. We source our products from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry to offer you door hardware built and designed to the highest standard. With our barn door hardware, you can achieve security and visual harmony on your property.

Aside from our products, our expert team also provides reliable barn door hardware services. We have the required experience to provide you with professional installation, repair, and maintenance. With our team on the job, you can make the most of your bathroom door hardware. 

ADH Sliding barn door entrance into bathroom
ADH Stable barn with beam ceiling and open door

Factors to Consider When Choosing Barn Door Hardware

At Alpine Door Hardware, we can make your barn door hardware selection convenient. Our expert team can help you choose the best products that suit your preferences and needs. Here are some factors to consider: 



The first in buying barn door hardware is choosing a design. No matter the style you’re eyeing to go for, whether traditional, modern, or rustic, the right design can help you realize your vision.

You might also want to consider the overall design of the room and how much barn door hardware you want to be visible. Once you finalize these factors, you can proceed with selecting barn door hardware.

For mounting, some of the options you have are bent strap, straight strap, and top-of-the-door design. As for the handle, you have sliding door handles, door pulls, and ring pulls as your options. 



You can use colors to compliment or contrast the design of your barn door. With options that include burnished bronze, satin nickel, matte black, and polished copper, you can achieve any style you want.

With the right color, you can make your barn door and its hardware the focal point of your room. You can choose hardware that offers a soft pop of color against a neutral wall to add more interest. 


Weight Restrictions

Barn doors can be heavy, so you have to ensure that the hardware you choose can support their weight. Choose durable types of door hardware for sturdiness and longevity.

To make it easy for you to select barn door hardware, look for products that include the weight range they can support in their specifications. This way, you’ll know whether they are a perfect fit for your barn doors. 


Installation Complexity

When considering barn door hardware, it’s essential to factor in the simplicity of installation. Opting for hardware that provides clear and uncomplicated installation instructions can be advantageous for individuals who appreciate a straightforward setup. If you plan to engage a professional for the installation process, you can explore a more extensive array of options that may include designs or features requiring specialized expertise. This approach ensures that, regardless of your preference for independent setup, you can select hardware that strikes a harmonious balance between functionality and ease of installation.

Why Choose Alpine Door Hardware

Having been in the industry since 2013, Alpine Door Hardware has been a trusted provider of door hardware, bath accessories, and cabinet hardware. With extensive experience, we have learned the ins and outs of choosing top-notch barn door hardware.

We partner with trusted manufacturers to ensure that we provide you with high-quality barn door hardware. With our products, you’re sure to transform your space and increase its curb appeal.

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, so you can rely on us to provide you with reliable installation, repair, and maintenance. For all your barn door hardware needs, we are the best ones to trust! 

ADH - Stable barn with beam ceiling and door

Our Barn Door Hardware

Our array of barn door hardware is available by order or in-store. Here are the products we offer: 

The warranty of these products depends on the manufacturer’s offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Barn Door Hardware

Our barn door hardware products are designed for interior and exterior applications. We ensure that products meant for external use are treated to withstand outdoor conditions. 

Absolutely. We offer a range of options specifically designed to support heavy-duty doors and larger barn door sizes. Please let us know the specifications of your door, and we’ll recommend the appropriate hardware. 

Our exterior barn door hardware is constructed to be weather-resistant. It undergoes treatments to protect against rain, snow, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring longevity and smooth operation. 

We offer professional installation services for the barn door hardware products you purchase. Our team is trained to ensure a seamless and secure fit. 

We carry barn door hardware in various materials, including steel, brass, and iron, to cater to different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. 

Certainly, we specialize in retrofitting projects and can help you upgrade your older barns with modern and efficient barn door hardware. 

Yes, we provide consultation services. Our experts offer comprehensive guidance, understanding your needs and helping you select the best hardware for your barn doors. 

Of course! We have a wide selection of hardware suitable for various door types, whether sliding, swinging, or any other configuration. 

Our exterior barn door hardware products undergo specific treatments to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring they maintain their appearance and functionality over time. 

Absolutely. Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not pleased with the product, you can return or exchange it within a specific period, provided it’s in its original condition. 

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