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Should You Switch to Smart Locks?

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In a world that is focused on new digital trends and technological feats, it’s no wonder that, even when it comes to home security, we’ve figured out how to obsolesce traditional locks and replace them with feature-driven smart locks. However, are these locks considered a worthy investment to protect your home, or are they just an overblown fad that stands no chance of competing with traditional security measures?

Let’s take a closer look at the applications of smart locks so that you can better decide if they would be a useful addition to your home!

What exactly is a smart lock?

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How do you define what a smart lock is? Is it like a traditional lock but with a large brain?

Well, that is not completely wrong. A smart lock is just a lock that wirelessly communicates with your other smart electronic devices. What this means is that, with a smart lock, you can lock or unlock remotely and access features of your lock by using end devices such as smartphones or computers.

The lock’s “brain” would be the electronic components installed within it that facilitate remote control, monitoring, and integration with the other smart devices you own. With a smart lock, even when you’re not physically near the lock, you can control its lock state and other features as long as you hold administrative privileges on the lock’s digital interface.

Benefits of Smart Lock

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Smart locks offer several advantages for securing your home by utilizing a technological interface. These benefits include convenient access, advanced security features, and integration with other smart devices.


Having smart locks can make the process of securing your home much easier. Out at the store and forgot to lock up before you left? Well, as long as your smartphone is connected to the lock, you can simply activate the smart lock with the push of a button.

The reverse can be done if your family has been locked out of the house while you are away. All you have to do is deactivate the smart lock using the software provided with the lock to unlock it and grant your family access.

Having multiple smart locks throughout your home also rids the need of carrying many keys for each lock. With all smart locks connected to your smartphone, you can virtually unlock any lock in your home just by using an app. Easy, right?

Security Features

Are smart locks secure? After all, the main purpose of a lock is to ensure security. Smart locks are typically designed to have the same, if not greater, durability compared to your average lock.

On top of this, smart locks also contain numerous other features made to enhance the levels of security for your home. The features vary depending on the smart lock and its included software, but some features smart locks can include are lock timers, breach alarms, user-control access to maintain who may control your locks, biometric scanners, webcam integration, data encryption, and user notifications.

The smart lock features alone can be convincing enough for you to make the switch. These features are all designed to give you better control and access over your locks while you are away.

Personal Device Integration

Smart locks and other smart home technology products are often made to be integrated with your other smart devices. This gives the owner the comfort of being able to access their lock from any location, so long as they have a connection to the internet.

This is ideal for those who are often out and about or frequently forget to lock their home before leaving. You can typically provide lock access to your family members or other trusted individuals as well, allowing them to access the house without any issues.

Drawbacks of Smart Locks

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While there are several benefits to using these devices, it is important to consider both the pros and cons of smart locks. Some of these drawbacks are related to affordability, cyber security, and a lack of device independence.


Smart locks are known to be more expensive than traditional locks because they contain advanced electronics embedded within them. If you plan on getting many smart locks for all of the entry points in your house, it can potentially run up your bill, especially if you get the smart locks with the latest and most advanced features.

If you do plan on upgrading, carefully consider the smart lock’s cost, the features you need, and how many you intend to purchase.


While home security is consistently updating with technology, how hackers choose to exploit vulnerabilities in smart devices is similarly a growing issue. With smart locks, although they may be great at keeping out the average intruder, skilled thieves may be able to gain access by hacking the lock’s software and controlling it as if they were the administrator.

Some smart lock manufacturers may include regular updates to the lock’s firmware, which typically includes security patches to prevent unauthorized access. It is important to keep your lock updated to avoid having any vulnerabilities in its software.

Device Dependence

Due to the electronic nature of smart locks, to remotely access the features included within it, the device itself must be powered using a battery. Many smart locks also require a connection of some sort such as Wi-Fi. Some smart locks may have Bluetooth capabilities, but using Bluetooth would reduce the range with which you can access your lock using another connected smart device.

Key Takeaway

When considering the pros and cons of smart locks, should you make the move to replace your outdated locks with these intelligent ones? It is important to consider certain aspects such as price differences and potential vulnerabilities when deciding to switch over to smart locks.

However, smart locks can provide many benefits when it comes to security and inter-connectivity with other smart devices. All in all, it may benefit you in the long run to embrace the features that smart locks have to offer.

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