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Why You Should Have Mortise Locks for Your Home or Business

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Home burglary rates in America are alarmingly high, with the crime completed in as short as 90 seconds. Most burglaries happen because of easily-accessible entry points, such as open or unlocked doors and windows. To enhance home security and minimize the risk of home break-ins, installing a reliable locking system is crucial.

A highly effective means of achieving this is to opt for mortise locks, which are widely used in both residential and commercial properties. These lock types enjoy widespread popularity and are even preferred by many insurance firms. In fact, some insurers mandate the lock to insure a given property, highlighting its exceptional reputation in safeguarding homes.

What Are Mortise Locks?

This type of lock is designed to be installed on a door’s surface. The installation involves creating a rectangular pocket on the door by cutting out a portion from its surface. Once the pocket is prepared, the lock can be fitted into it.

Although installing a mortise lock can be slightly complex, the benefits outweigh the effort. The lock offers enhanced security compared to conventional cylindrical models, as this is more challenging to pick.

What Is the Point of a Mortise Lock?

The primary purpose of a mortise lock is to provide a high level of protection for your doors. Unlike standard cylindrical locks, the mortise variety is installed within a door’s pocket, making it more robust and resistant to tampering or forced entry. With their intricate design, mortise locks offer superior resistance against picking, drilling, and other techniques commonly used by burglars.

Interesting Facts About the Mortise Lock

The mortise lock is unlike any other. Here are several interesting things about it:

1. Unique Installation Method

The typical mortise lock requires a dedicated pocket within the door, where the lock body is fitted eventually. This distinctive installation process contributes to the lock’s robustness.

2. Resistance to Picks

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A mortise lock is known for its exceptional resistance to picking and other forms of tampering. The lock’s intricate internal mechanisms and solid construction make it more challenging for potential intruders to bypass its security measures.

3. Historical Significance

The mortise lock has a rich history, dating back centuries. It was commonly used in traditional architecture and is still found in many historical buildings today. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its effectiveness and reliability.

4. Versatile Design

ADH - Mortise Lock on a Modern Door

A mortise lock is available in various styles, finishes, and functionalities. As a result, it can complement a wide range of door designs and architectural aesthetics. Whether you have a modern or traditional door, you can find a residential mortise lock that provides security and adds a touch of elegance to your overall door hardware.

5. Commercial Use

The lock is also widely utilized in commercial settings. The reputation of the commercial mortise lock for superior security has made it a popular choice for many offices, businesses, and other establishments where safety and asset protection are paramount.

6. Durability and Longevity

Due to their robust construction using high-quality materials, mortise locks are built to last. They are known for their durability, making them a reliable long-term investment for securing your property.

Why Is a Mortise Lock More Secure?

A mortise lock offers superior security compared to other types due to its unique design. The lock’s intricate internal mechanisms, including its multiple hardened steel bolts, make it highly resistant to picking and other forced entry techniques. The deep insertion of the lock into the door and frame also adds an extra layer of protection against physical intrusions.

How Long Does a Mortise Lock Last?

The life span of a mortise lock can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the lock, usage frequency, maintenance practices, and external conditions. The high-quality types of mortise locks, built with durable materials and precision engineering, are also designed to withstand daily use and resist wear and tear. If well-maintained, they can last for several decades.

Key Takeaway

“What are mortise locks?” is a question you’ll likely ask if the only locks you’ve seen are the modern and digital varieties. Yet, the mortise lock still stands out as a highly effective security solution these days. Its enduring popularity attests to its reliability and reputation as a top choice for securing doors.

There’s one other thing that makes the mortise lock a sought-after piece of home security item. It can complement different types of door hardware. If you’re interested in this type of home security arrangement, there are many professional door hardware manufacturers that you can contact.

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Remember that the security of your home relies heavily on the quality of its lock. Besides security, you should also work on enhancing the appearance of your doors, which are your first line of defense against intrusions. In this regard, Alpine Door Hardware can offer you the perfect home door.

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