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Add an extra layer of security to your property by investing in top-notch door hardware.

Door hardware, such as doorknobs, levers, deadbolts, locks, and handle sets, plays a vital role in securing your property. They serve as one of your property’s first layers of defense against intruders. For this reason, it is essential that you invest in high-quality door hardware from trusted manufacturers.

The good thing is that you have tons of options nowadays. There are lots of manufacturers that provide excellent door hardware that can enhance both the aesthetics and security of your property. With high-quality products, you have the peace of mind that your property is protected all the time.

At Alpine Door Hardware, we provide a broad array of door hardware for you to choose from. We source products from various trusted brands, so you have the assurance that we only offer you door hardware designed and built to the highest quality. Through our products, you can rely on us to help you achieve optimal security on your property.

Our team of experts also provides door hardware services. Our professional installation and repair services will ensure that your doorknobs, locks, and latches remain in good condition over time. Call us for all your door hardware service needs. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Door Hardware

At Alpine Door Hardware, we can help you choose the most suitable door hardware for your property. Here are some essential factors to consider: 



Similar to buying other products, one of the first things to look for when choosing door hardware is quality. You want to make sure that they are built using top-of-the-line materials.

At Alpine Door Hardware, we can help you choose door hardware with robust construction. We provide products that offer service assurance for a long period of time. Guaranteed. 


Style and Finish

When it comes to the style and finish of your door hardware, you should choose products that coordinate with the other hardware finishes and colors on your property. Fortunately, there are tons of options available for you.

For the style, you can choose from modern, classic, antique, and vintage. As for the finish, some of your best choices include graphite nickel, brass nickel, matte black, satin chrome, vintage pewter, and rustic brass. 


Level of Use

There’s a significant difference in the extent of usage of doors. For instance, door use in residential spaces is about 20 cycles per day. On the other hand, it goes up to a hundred or more cycles in commercial spaces.

When choosing door hardware for your property, whether residential or commercial, it’s essential to consider the level of use. It is important to consider the service life of each product before you decide to buy and use them. 


Indoor and Outdoor Conditions

Keeping both the indoor and outdoor conditions in mind when choosing door hardware should be prioritized. For instance, door hardware can easily corrode when used in coastal areas. Another example is that dusty environments can cause dirt to load up on door hardware and eventually affect the way they function. By knowing the conditions, you can choose more suitable products and provide them with better maintenance.

Why Choose Alpine Door Hardware

Alpine Door Hardware has been in the industry since 2013. Having been here for that long, we have gained extensive experience in choosing door hardware that suits residential and commercial spaces.

Our team ensures that we provide only the best products for our customers. We partner with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, so we guarantee that the door hardware we provide is of the highest quality.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment when providing installation and repair services. Our team of experts also undergoes continuous, relevant training to uphold the quality of our services. 

Our Door Hardware

We provide door hardware either in-store or by order. Here are some of the products we offer: 

Please take note that the warranty of these products depends on the manufacturer’s offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Door Hardware Services

Yes, all our hardware installations come with a manufacturer warranty, and we also provide a service guarantee for a specified period to ensure customer satisfaction

Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website with the details of your requirements, and one of our representatives will provide you with a no-obligation estimate

Please contact our customer service and provide us with the details. Depending on the issue and the warranty terms, we will repair or replace the faulty hardware at no additional cost. 

We carry and recommend top brands like Schlage, Baldwin, Kwikset, and Yale, which are known for their quality, reliability, and innovative designs. 

Absolutely! We have a range of door hardware options designed with safety for children and pets in mind. Ask our representative to show you the available options. 

Our products range from economical options to high-end premium choices. We pride ourselves on offering quality products for every budget. 

Our products are built to resist various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and durability.

Certainly! We have both a physical catalog and an online version available on our website, where you can explore our diverse range of door hardware. 

While we don’t have a traditional showroom setup, our facility allows us to present various door hardware products to our customers. If you’d like to see and feel specific products before making a decision, simply schedule an appointment, and we’ll ensure the selected hardware is available for your viewing when you visit. 

Absolutely! We can assess your current door hardware setup and recommend modern alternatives that fit your needs and budget. 

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