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Bathroom Home Improvements: From Drab To Fab

Renovating a bathroom can be particularly challenging if you have no idea where to start or what needs to be updated. Even though it is the smallest room in your house, it must accommodate a wide range of features, fittings, and fixtures to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The key to success in this project is to research your alternatives and educate yourself on the current trends to determine what works for you and your budget. Furthermore, consider implementing one or more of these cool makeover suggestions to transform your bathroom from drab to fab.

15 Cool Bathroom Makeover Suggestions

1. Enhance the lighting.

As you plan your bathroom renovation, consider modifying or adding to the existing lighting to enhance the space’s function and ambiance. A dimmer for the main lights is an effective lighting upgrade. If you enjoy taking nice relaxing baths, you know that they are less enjoyable in bright artificial light. A dimmer will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere.

2. Utilize a small tub.

When constructing a bathtub during a bathroom renovation, keep in mind that bigger is not necessarily better. Before, oversized bathtubs were extremely popular. However, modern bathrooms include tubs with a more streamlined design. So, unless you desire a gigantic tub in which you can stretch out, there is no need to spend a fortune on one.

3. Choose heated flooring.

Consider installing heated flooring in your renovated bathroom if replacing the floors. Installing heated floors is inexpensive and will increase the value of your home. In addition, they can save you money on long-term energy expenditures because they are more energy-efficient than central heating systems.

4. Maintain the main fixtures neutral.

You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to bathroom fixtures during a remodel. Of course, you should choose the fixtures most appealing to you. However, it is best to stick to neutral selections for the major fixtures, such as the sink, toilet, shower, and tub.

5. Consider countertop material carefully.

Bathroom countertops, like bathroom fixtures, come in a wide range of styles. So, when choosing a countertop material, consider both appearance and functionality. You also have to ensure that the new countertops match your overall bathroom color and theme.

6. Ventilation should be prioritized.

Ventilation may not be one of the most exciting bathroom revamp ideas; still, you must prioritize it. A bathroom vent fan is a wise addition, even if it is not required by code. It will absorb moisture and odors, thus enhancing the air quality in the room.

7. Consider installing a low-flow showerhead.

Consider a low-flow showerhead if you’re planning to upgrade your shower. Low-flow showerheads consume less water, saving thousands of gallons per year depending on household usage. They are also less expensive than standard showerheads.

8. Don’t neglect storage space.

Remember to include appropriate storage in any bathroom renovation, even if your goal is to create a minimalist and streamlined spa-like setting. It would be ideal to have enough cabinets, shelves, and drawers to store necessary bathroom items, ideally with some spare space for future purchases.

9. Carefully select accessories.

When selecting the bathroom materials, bathroom accessories, and other finishing touches for your new bathroom, it is essential to ensure that they all create a streamlined look. For instance, choose towel bars with metallic finishes that complement your faucets. In addition, consider purchasing a more expensive soap dispenser instead of an outdated plastic one that will look drab against your brand-new stone countertop.

10. Include a recessed medicine cabinet.

A recessed medicine cabinet over the vanity provides more storage space for your bathroom materials without losing aesthetics. In the grand scope of bathroom renovations, the additional wall construction work required to recess the cabinet is typically not costly.

11. Utilize small, textured tiles for the shower floor.

During a bathroom redesign, numerous bathroom revamp ideas for flooring, walls, and tiles will be used. The shower floor tile will be the most crucial decision for safety. Choose a small, textured tile for the shower so that once the floor becomes soapy and wet, the surface’s texture and extra grouting will prevent slippage.

12. Choose a toilet with a concealed tank and a low-flow flush.

There are numerous advantages to toilets with concealed tanks, in which the water storage vessel is located within the wall. They should be considered, especially for small bathrooms, due to their space-saving design. Their streamlined appearance also complements modern and contemporary bathroom decor. However, routine maintenance can be challenging as there is typically no easy access to the tank’s inner workings if they require repair.

13. Add a window to the shower area.

Humidity, which may lead to mold and mildew, is one of the worst enemies of a bathroom. Although a good bathroom fan will make a significant impact, natural ventilation offers so much more. Adding a window to your shower will assist in removing moisture, even if it is only popped open during and after use. A window will also let natural light into the bathroom, which is both an aesthetic and safety factor.

14. Install beadboard or wall paneling.

The bare walls of a bathroom present an opportunity to add volume and texture to the area. With the proper equipment and materials, installing beadboard or wainscoting around the lower half of the room is quick and simple. Look for prefabricated beadboard paneling or peel-and-stick wainscoting to save time.

15. Add a seating area.

A seating area can be a nice addition if there is sufficient space. A little bench, stool, or ottoman is an excellent touch. Instead of viewing an empty area of unused space, you can utilize the entire bathroom.


We visit the bathroom first thing in the morning and the last room we visit before hitting the sack. Hence, we should always consider bathroom upgrades whenever possible to make them more inviting and functional.

With a few bathroom home improvements, you can quickly convert it from drab to fab. Therefore, you should consider any of the cool makeover suggestions discussed above to create the bathroom of your dreams that matches your needs and style preferences.

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A bathroom home improvement increases the value of your property, reinvents its aesthetic, and makes it more suitable for your needs. Consider implementing one or more of these simple makeover suggestions, such as repainting, adding bathroom accessories, or upgrading your fixtures.

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